Church Leaders

Board of Directors

The board of directors is composed of the congregational president, vice president, treasurer, board secretary, and members representing other boards and official congregational committees. The board approves major appropriations of funds, decisions on programs, and other proposals, some of which are forwarded to a vote from the congregation. The group also handles some administrative duties involving staff and members.

Steve Blomberg, President
Reuben Woodraska, Vice President
Sally Gorsky, Secretary
Jean Anderson, Treasurer

Ralph Asher, Head Deacon
Lynnae Skogerboe, Head Trustee
Peter Klatt, Endowment Committee Representative
Lyle Horrmann, Endowment Committee Representative


Our deacons are responsible for the ecclesiastical mission of the church – making sure members are spiritually fulfilled. This means listening to members’ comments and concerns about the church. Deacons also assist with service ceremonies, such as helping the pastor with communion and baptisms.

Ralph Asher, Head Deacon
James Blomberg
Becky Dennis

Jim Likely
Steve McConley, Assistant Head Deacon
Jim Scanlon


Our trustees are responsible for the physical building of the church. They manage or perform work to keep church property in good condition. This includes securing bids for specialized work or personally performing simpler tasks like changing light bulbs or light repair work.


Mike Dennis
Gerry Rusk
Lynnae Skogerboe, Head Trustee

Dave Ubl
Tena Ubl

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